I was 22 years old and I had just started dating this guy...

"I was 22 years old and I had just started dating this guy maybe 2 months ago. We had sex twice and little did I know, a month later I would find myself pregnant. My body knew, something felt different. I snuck into a Walmart bathroom, took a test and just cried. I called him immediately and we went to visit a friend of mine who had been through this before. We talked and ultimately, I made the decision to have an abortion.

Leading up unto that day, I had weighed out my options if I was to keep the baby. I wouldn't be able to finish school, my boyfriend was facing jail time possibly (he was going through court), we were both living at home working at McDonald's, it just wasn't the right time. He supported me the entire way even though I knew he wanted me to have the baby, it just wasn't in the cards yet. The day I told my parents, my mom cried and called me stupid and then embraced me and told me she would help me. My dad, disowned me the minute he saw me. He told me to get out and flat out have the abortion. A man of faith, of man of God, my own father condemning me for my mistake.

February 11, 2010 I made the decision to have my abortion. I was only 3 weeks, which they said was rare I caught it that quick, but my body knew. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. I cried for weeks and to this day, I cry. I wonder where I would be, what he or she would look like, etc. I cling to children every time I see them. My friends all have children and deep down inside, it hurts, it's depressing, it's sad, etc. But today, I know I made the right choice for me and that baby. I would have been another statistic in the world, single mother, working at McDonald's, on welfare living at home. I didn't want that for my child.

Today, I have my degree. I have my own house, my own car and my time will come for me to have a child if not more than 1 and provide for that child what I was not capable of doing at age 22. It's my life and no one else's and those who judge me have never walked in my shoes." —Cassandra Irizarry

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