on the day i arrived for my abortion...

"on the day i arrived for my abortion, i was nervous as ever. i was the last person to be called for the procedure. it was painless, but yet I remained nervous and scared because of many reviews i read. the tool that is used to open your cervix doesn't hurt at all, it just feels weird.

i didn’t have a comforting nurse, if anything she was focused on the doctor and being his do girl. the vacuum that is used to suck the baby out sort of had an uncomfortable feeling but it was okay. i was done in less than 3 minutes.

after i left, i went to get food and my GOSHHHHH i went into a zone at the register. it was sort of like a drunk and high zone. the medicine they had given me at the abortion clinic finally kicked all the way in. now i feel relieved after the whole procedure, BUT you will have pain in the lower stomach and i'm very skinny and my stomach still hasn't flattened nor has my breast returned back to its normal size." —anonymous


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