On August 3rd 2014 I took a pregnancy test and was positive...

"On August 3rd 2014 I took a pregnancy test and was positive. I then went to a doctor to confirm it as I was a bit in denial and again it came out positive. Both my boyfriend and I were shocked completely. It took us a long hard thought to make the decision as our house at the time wasn't suitable and money just for us was tight.

Calling the abortion clinic was the worst call I had to make in my entire life. I made the appointment for August 15th 2014 and saw many other girls in the waiting room. It was finally my turn after I got prepped and took all the medication. My heart was broken after making this huge decision and wishing it didn't have to be this way. Today is July 15th 2015 and today I still think and struggle with this decision. There are even some days I still cry and look at the ultra sound picture the clinic gave me. Now and then I still talk to abortion councilors to help me cope and get my head and feelings back on track as I know this will take ALOT of time to heal." —anonymous

#financialinstability #overwhelmed #sadness

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