In 1977 I was age 23 ...

"In 1977 I was age 23 and in a high-intensity US military technical school. Upon completion of the school to be quickly sent out anywhere in the globe on military assignment, location to be known only upon graduation from class. Became pregnant during school.

Had abortion after completion of school, while on 3-weeks leave at home before going out for assignment. I felt sick during final weeks of class. No one knew the details. The instructors were, to my relief, kind and tolerant about my occasional fainting. During the leave time at home, my mom helped me to go to the doctor for the abortion. She was calm, patient, supporting, and no judgment at all, only love and caring for me. At the doctor's same thing -- everyone was friendly and respectful.

I am so thankful I had a good support system to help me in my time of vulnerability and need. I never had any regrets. It is disappointing to see that some will pass judgment on another's situation without knowing that person or why they do what they do." —Elle


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