I'm 21 and it was May 2015 ...

"I'm 21 and it was May 2015 that I found out I was pregnant - shock, nervousness and fear consumed me. My first thought straight away was 'I need to get rid of this. I'm too young'. I still had to finish my studies, have a successful career and be with my adoring boyfriend (Who was 100% with me!). I wanted a medical abortion because I was a little shy of someone looking at my private parts, but they didn't have anything available. So surgical it was.

I went in today. I was super nervous, not because I was having an abortion, more what it would feel like after. I went into have an ultrasound, I was 6 weeks pregnant. I then went into the theatre room where I was administered anesthetic. I was lucky enough to have a female doctor which I am extremely grateful for. I would've felt more uncomfortable if it was a male doctor.


woke up 15mins later in recovery and my boyfriend came and waited with me. I had no pain, a little bit of blood and felt a little dizzy (from anesthetic). I was allowed to leave 30mins later. I'm sitting here now, sharing my story with no pain and the only blood I have is when I pee and wipe. It really isn't as bad as you think, the most stressful part for me is wondering if my vagina was normal looking haha." —Lee

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