I was 14, year 10, when this attractive year 11 boy ...

"I was 14, year 10, when this attractive year 11 boy showed an interest in me, I completely fell for him. It was only about a month before we started having sex and then it was a regular thing after that. I remember missing my period and being extremely concerned as of what to do, I kept on telling him I needed to talk to him alone, but whenever we saw each other it was with friends too.

Then for a few days he just ignored my messages and I felt terrible. I then found out he had left me for his ex-girlfriend. About a week later, my test said positive. I was distraught, I rang my friend and was screaming down the phone. I don't have a great relationship with my mum so I told my auntie. Me and my boyfriend got back together for a week, but nothing worked well and we are still on bad terms now.

I was so unsure on what to do but being so so young the only option seemed to be an abortion. I went with my auntie a few days after my 15th birthday and before I knew it, it was all over. It was a traumatic experience which I still get extremely emotional over. I honestly believe there is not a single way I could have supported the child and that I made the right decision." —anonymous

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