I am 41, a mother of 5, wife of 24 years ...

"I am 41, a mother of 5, wife of 24 years to my wonderful husband who became disabled 7 years ago and a cancer survivor. I have been judgmental, and unconcerning for others throughout my life when it comes to abortion. Then it happened to me.

We had been using condoms for 5 years, I could not get surgically sterilized due to the cancer and he had been working on doing so but insurance (Medicare, would not cover), we were careful, responsible and safe. I don't know how I got pregnant. Not only do we live on social security and barely get by, I have been honored to go back to college and am working towards finally making it so that I can support my family.

Due to my health issues, I already have a rough, painful time most days and worry constantly about a reoccurrence of my cancer. My husband's disability leaves me most often taking care of all 5 kids on my own, going to school full time and running a household. I cannot take care of another person and don't even know if my health would allow a full term pregnancy without causing great harm to the baby as well as myself.

This was the hardest life lesson I have ever had to make, I feel guilty at times that I couldn't make another choice but I couldn't, no one would have benefited. I have struggled religiously and internally. My children are my life but how do I bring another child into the world, knowing the burden too big for me may be placed on them. I can't judge myself and if anything I have learned how dare me judge another. Noone knows unless they have been there. I know now that sometimes abortion is the only answer. Definitely not an easy one but the only one." —anonymous

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