My parents never talked about sex or pregnancies ...

"My parents never talked about sex or pregnancies with me and my sister maybe because they were scared or they're some ignorant who think talking with young adults about sex is wrong and thinking is not a big deal but it is and a lot. I got pregnant when I just turned 15, I felt so lost so scared what my dad would say to me. I didn't want to disappoint him.

When I found out I was pregnant the nurse at the school clinic explain to me my options. I didn't wanted to get rid of the baby and neither my boyfriend. We both were really scared so I told him what we could do, he agreed with me and the day came and I did it and he was with me all the time.

I just turned 18 and my boyfriend and I wonder how our baby would look like. In my opinion life is suppose to be that way because if I didn't got rid of the fetus I wouldn't be going to college next year and I wouldn't have done many things I loved. Then I think? It was a good decision because when I am a stable woman with all my goals accomplished then I would think on getting pregnant and give my baby everything and not misery." —Andrea Morales

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