Every time I state that I had a lovely experience when I had an abortion...

"Every time I state that I had a lovely experience when I had an abortion, it gets a little less uncomfortable. And that’s the thing, for so long I had difficulty saying that I actually had a good abortion experience and so now I feel it’s important to speak out about what I went through.

Long story short, I got pregnant when I didn’t want to. At 30 years old I wasn’t ready in any way (physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually) to be a single mother. So despite a strict Catholic upbringing (which for me translated to guilt) and making hundreds of previous statements that I could never go through with an abortion, when actually faced with the situation I decided it was my best choice. Honestly, I felt like it was my only choice. I knew in my heart that I could not go through with a pregnancy.

I had my abortion on August 24, 2012 and although it was a day that was filled with different emotions, it was not a tragic day or a day that defined me as a person. My experience was filled with more information, compassion, patient care, and support than I could have imagined. And for that I am forever grateful." —Molly

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