I am 25 years old ...

"I am 25 years old. Not young, yet still inexperienced in life. I decided to have an abortion this past fall. I chose to have a medical abortion rather than a surgical abortion. They gave me a shot in the arm that stops the growth of the fetus. The following week I had to place four pills inside my vagina. This starts the contractions and results in a miscarriage. I was eight weeks pregnant at the time.

It was the most painful experience of my life, both physically and emotionally. I had just finished six years of post-secondary education and was desperately trying to get a job in my field and validate the student loans I had acquired. Although ultimately the decision to abort was mine, I felt my partner had the right to contribute his opinion. He wasn't ready. And truthfully, neither was I. There were definitely moments where I desperately wanted to keep it. I have always dreamed of being a mother and still do. But at this time it wasn't right for me and that's all that really matters. I wanted to share my story because I felt a tremendous amount of guilt with my decision initially. Reading these stories provided me with comfort knowing I wasn't the only one. We are in this together!" —Elizabeth

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