Short story. I was married, 30 with a career & great life...

"Short story. I was married, 30 with a career & great life. I was taking antibiotics & had a birth control failure as a result. I had an abortion at 6 weeks because I simply didn't want to have children. Simple. Never regretted it & have continued to have a wonderful life. Period.

Don't need to make any emotional justifications or excuses because it is & was no one's business but my own. We need to stop the "apologetic syndrome" and start acting like mature adult women who make their own decisions & want NO interference from others like the religious right or the state or anyone else for that matter. You don't need a list of approved reasons for an abortion. The only reason you need is "I don't want to be pregnant". The end." —anonymous

#birthcontrol #confidence #doesnotwantchildren #married

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