Got pregnant at 16, to my first boyfriend who didn't like to use condoms...

"Got pregnant at 16, to my first boyfriend who didn't like to use condoms, and said he was 'probably infertile anyway'. Parents are Catholic and don't approve of the pill. Or of sex that early, so I didn't dare tell them I was having sex, for fear of disappointing and hurting them. The moment I learned I was pregnant, I didn't want to have a child, or even be with the father anymore. He wanted me to keep the baby, even threatening to take me to court over the matter. He learned to accept my decision with the help of a counselor, to whom I am grateful. It's more than a decade later now, I have completed a university education, have married a darling man. Together we have a very young son. I know my past decisions will make me a better mother this time around. I felt guilt over my decision then, and sometimes still do, but that is part of life. I believe in reincarnation, and that the child's soul will be reborn. The situation has made me far more compassionate to people who make big and small mistakes in their lives. And on a philosophical note, I quote Jean-Paul Sartre: -Nous tous sont tueurs." —anonymous

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