This isn't my abortion story but one that changed my views on abortions...

"This isn't my abortion story but one that changed my views on abortions. Jr High wasn't my highlight of my youth. I was transitioning from a child to a teen, finding my path and finding new friends. At 12, I met a fun and kind girl. She was catholic and started to share pro life paperwork with me. I started to feel strongly about this view. It sounded like a legitimate reason for keeping a pregnancy. I even signed up for newsletters. I started coming home and talking to my family about it. One day my mom and I was in the car and she said you know I have had two. She had been in a horrific marriage and couldn't bring a children into the world. We have never talked about it again and my brother doesn't know. I promised not to tell. My budding pro life views vanished and I learned that life is more than one situation. Women who have abortions should not be judged because they are the ones who walk in their shoes. It also shouldn't be something shameful to talk about. With this in mind I finally got the newsletters to stop and 13 years later still support my mom's choices. I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts. Keep talking ladies!" —anonymous


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