I was 17. I had been dating my boyfriend for about 1 year and it was a volatile relationship...

"I was 17. I had been dating my boyfriend for about 1 year and it was a volatile relationship. He even hit me in the face one time. I dont know why I stayed with him except now when I think of that time I think that I was manipulated and used. Once I found out I was pregnant, there was no light at the end of the tunnel and I felt nothing but despair for my life or anything else. I knew what I was going to do right away. My sister helped me pay for my abortion. My sister and I never got along but once she saw me "the golden child" fail in this manner then she finally started to treat me better and we became closer. So my sister gave me the money and my boyfriend drove me to the clinic. There weren't any protesters out to harass me, so we walked up to the anonymous gray building quietly. The staff was really kind and the place was plain inside and felt cold. I signed up and paid my fee then waited. Once they called me back I started shivering but i followed the nurse quietly. Before we got to the actual procedure the nurse asked me some questions like was I being forced to do this? am I fully understanding whats going to take place. and then she described the procedure. After she completed her speech, we walked back to the room where the procedure would occur. I put on the gown and laid down on the bed. Then they gave me a heated blanket and the nurse asked me if I was ok. the procedure occurred really fast and it wasn't painful. At the time I wasn't sure what to think. I even felt guilty for feeling so relieved. I left and felt the usual symptoms, such as cramping. I'm sad I couldn't tell my mother at that time. I'm sad she wasn't there holding my hand. We were always close. When I did tell her what happened she froze me out and wouldn't talk to me for a month. But I was almost 18 and I went on to go to college and I broke up with that poor excuse for a man. I finished college and now have a great job, husband and 2 kids that I love so much. I'm glad everything was safe. I'm glad I didn't have to become a mother when I wasn't ready." —anonymous

#abusiverelationship #relief #gratitude

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