I have one son already, but became pregnant for the second time...

"I have one son already, but became pregnant for the second time after a traumatic birthing experience and a subsequent nightmarish situation with birth control. Being generally responsible, I had decided to get an IUD implanted six months after giving birth. The IUD pierced through my uterus causing a great deal of pain. After the hospital lost my file (and later phoned to apologize), I had to have two increasingly invasive procedures to remove it from my abdomen. I become irrationally scared of even the smallest chance of complications from birth control, so we decided to use once again the natural rhythm method (we had successfully used it for four years). But this time I became pregnant and the thought of having another child was unbearable. I still had not recovered from the memory being given an episiotomy without anesthesia in the last stage of labour to get the child out as quick as possible. I was just six weeks pregnant when I had the abortion, so I had minimal side effects. I am so lucky to be living in a large city in Canada, where getting an abortion is relatively straightforward. At the clinic, they treated me in a professional manner and I felt happy with my decision. It's been over a year now and I'm glad that I had one. We still think about having a second one, but nothing has been decided. I just finished graduate school and would like to start a career first." —Janet

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