I'm 32...In a loving happy four year relationship...

"I'm 32... In a loving happy four year relationship with my amazing fiance.. We have 2 kids together 11 months between them.. I have another 2 From a previous relationship.. I found out I was expecting.. my first initial reaction was abortion. I'd never agreed with abortion so why would I consider it!

The thing is I had just had a tough year. Been through a lot of personal problems and wasn't ready for this! I was on the pill also.. abortion is illegal where I come from. We had to fly to a different country and pay a lot of money.. I had the abortion at 5weeks.. I don't regret it as it was the right choice for me and my fiance as our 2 we have together are 2 years and 1 year old. I'll just say this.. its your decision.. your body.. your life.. do what's best for you and if abortion is your first thought.. then it's probably the right choice." —anonymous

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