Preparing for my scheduled abortion this week...

"Preparing for my scheduled abortion this week. I found out that I was pregnant a month ago. This would be my second unplanned pregnancy. The last time I found out I was pregnant I immediately wanted to abort. I was not in a relationship with the father and knew I would be alone raising a child. However, my maternal instincts took over and in the end I couldn't go through with it. Somehow I started a beautiful relationship while I was pregnant and that man has been there for my son since the day he was born. We have a wonderful relationship but he confessed that he doesn't want anymore children and while I was sad at the thought of never having another baby I was OK to accept it, that is until I found out I am pregnant. I want this baby so much but my boyfriend knows we can not afford to support another child through college and the added financial pressure on him would be great. I've cried thinking of the fact that in a few days I will be giving my baby up. I'll never know this baby I've carried for two months. I know I will always carry a sadness for this loss and I will one day think of the what ifs but in the end I'll be able to give my son everything he needs to have a better future." —anonymous

#caringforotherchildren #financialinstability #sadness

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