Well I'm an American living in Mexico with my Mexican husband...

"Well I'm an American living in Mexico with my Mexican husband. We have several children already when I found out my Paraguard failed and I was pregnant. We immediately decided we couldn't bring another baby into the world. I almost died during my last birth and was warned another baby would kill me but in Mexico abortion is illegal in every state but the federal district some two hours away from me. So I decided to try cycotec as its easily bought in farmacies. I took twelve under the tongue over a 9 hour course. I bled heavily I thought I had completed it. I hadn't after five weeks. I still had positive tests so I called the profem clinic and setup an appointment on a Sunday. I was 10 weeks by then so I traveled on a subway for two hours to get there. The staff was supportive and after administering misoprostol to soften my cervix and doing an ultrasound I went into the procedure room. I had manual aspiration it was quite painful to be honest but not unbearable. The suction part hurt the most but afterwards they led me to a room with three other women to recover. The cramps hurt for two days then stopped. I am catholic so I had to make up an elaborate miscarriage story to friends to keep from being judged but I don't regret my abortion. My baby went straight to heaven and I know god sees our hearts and loves me and knew my desperation and fear of dying or almost dying in childbirth. I actually cannot thank the profem clinic in Mexico City enough without them I'm sure I would not be alive to write this today." —Leah

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