I just wanted to say that I am grateful that I'm living in a country...

"I just wanted to say that I am grateful that I'm living in a country and time where I could have a safe medical abortion. I was 35 and on the pill, but an antibiotic affected the pill's effectiveness and I found myself pregnant. I never wanted children and there was never any doubt about what I would do. I found my GP to be unhelpful (his nurse was gushing over my positive pregnancy test) so I turned to my gynecologist for guidance, and he set me up at a clinic nearby.

I had to wait a week for an appointment and it was agonizing. I kept thinking 'I can't believe I'm pregnant and feeling like I had lost control of my body. The staff at the clinic were wonderful: kind and efficient. An off duty policeman guarded the building. I had vacuum aspiration and it was painless for me, the only downside was the bleeding for weeks afterward: the world's longest period. I was surprised how many women were there with their children, waiting, and touched by a few young girls who were there with their fathers for support. I visited my gynecologist for a follow-up a week later.

I have no regrets and have become a supporter of NARAL. I feel that more women should speak up, which is why I am telling my story." —Melissa

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