I am 23 with a 1 year old child and found out I was pregnant...

"I am 23 with a 1 year old child and found out I was pregnant in March. I am a college student. My boyfriend and I are struggling to raise our child as it is, and we knew there was no way we could emotionally or financially support another child. I knew immediately that I couldn't handle another kid, and the day I had a positive test I decided to get an abortion.

My first pregnancy was unplanned, but abortion was never an option. With this one, abortion was the option that worked for me and my little family. I promised my daughter a better life than I had, another child would destroy that promise. I would be thousands of dollars in debt and I would have resented that child. I had the abortion 3 months ago and I am so glad that I did. Because I had that option, my daughter’s life (and mine) will be better. I can give her everything she deserves because of my decision. I will never regret it." —anonymous

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