I had an abortion 3 months ago...

"I had an abortion 3 months ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am 28 and have a great boyfriend and a great career. However, I simply don't want kids. We were very careful but accidents do happen. I was shocked when I found out but immediately knew what I wanted to do. I did tell a lot of friends and family as I refuse to feel embarrassed or apologetic for my decision. My boyfriend was not there for me like I thought he would be but we did not break up. We don’t really talk about it much now. The procedure hurt but I was less than 6 weeks along so it was very quick. I was awake and remember the whole thing. It was traumatic but I've had worse pain. I had an IUD put in at the same time so I did have some bad cramps which started a few days after but I got through it. I don’t and will never regret my decision. I didn’t want to raise a child I didn’t want." —anonymous

#doesnotwantchildren #confidence #birthcontrol

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