I'm 19 and last October I got pregnant with my second child...

"I'm 19 and last October I got pregnant with my second child. My first child, had Turner's syndrome. The first pregnancy was unexpected, but was also heartbreaking when she passed away after birth. After expecting to be a mother, my boyfriend and I tried again, and I got pregnant in October.

I went for my early risk ultrasound and the baby was diagnosed with anencephaly, which means the baby has no brain. The doctor advised me to get an abortion because the baby's illness would most likely not let me go into labor. I was supposed to have a boy. And I'm still very disappointed and sad.

People call me "baby killer." They tell me that I didn't take care of myself and that's why I lost my children. Even though the doctor said that the illnesses are not caused by genetics, and nothing I could have done would have caused this. They're like lightning striking. Most people can't wrap their head around the fact that I got unlucky twice. Most people don't realize that abortions aren't always by choice. Avoid the ignorance if you can and keep your head up." —Anonymous

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