I wanted to share my experience of having a medical abortion...

"I wanted to share my experience of having a medical abortion as prior to my treatment I read a varied range of stories, which I mostly found unhelpful and frightening. Firstly, I was just over 8 weeks pregnant, at a time and situation where I was not ready to bring a child into. Once I made the decision my experience throughout has been positive, staff were understanding, nonjudgmental and very helpful. I had the first pill on a Thursday afternoon and returned home, no side effects felt totally fine. Emotionally, though, that was the hardest day as you are consciously making the final decision with no going back. On the second day I was given 4 tablets to dissolve in the mouth, within 15 minutes I got light cramping. I swallowed the remains of the tablets after 30 minutes and was sick twice about an hour after the initial administration. All the pain relief came up too. For the next 2 hours I had waves of cramping which was quite uncomfortable and gave me diarrhea. Once this had passed the pain was manageable, I was not in agony. I only had light bleeding so assumed the medication was not working, as I had been sick. But 3 hours in, I passed everything in one go really. Once it passed the cramping eased off massively and I had light bleeding after. Not a pleasant experience but it is manageable. Had I not had sickness and diarrhea I would have been happier but was very conscious of that all afternoon." —Emily

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