At 19 I was wrongfully told that I couldn't have kids...

"At 19 I was wrongfully told that I couldn't have kids. My boyfriend of 1 year told me he couldn't have either, so we never used condoms. Well 4 months after this, I woke up the day before my period and knew I was pregnant. My boyfriend was against abortion. We went back and forth on raising it or adoption for almost a month. Then after a fight, he gave me an ultimatum. Him or the baby. He was against abortion, so I agreed thinking he would calm down. 2 weeks later and he never did. During the drive to the city, I prayed for a miracle. This was my baby. But I couldn't find my voice. During those last few moments I felt numb. I thought "one of us has to stop this". But we didn't. And 9 days later he broke up with me. I swore to myself I would never have another abortion. No matter what. Well, now I'm 22 and 5 days ago, at 7 weeks, I had an abortion. It was with a guy who turned out to have a girlfriend (learned that after I found out about pregnancy). We had sex twice with condoms. I knew it was a mistake after we did it. Then I was late. Immediately, I knew what I had to do. There was never a moment where I wanted to keep it. I have no regrets. I did the right thing. That's when I realized something. With the 1st I spent weeks thinking I was going to have my baby. It wasn't my choice. But with this abortion, it never even occurred to me it was a baby. We didn't want to raise/adopt and it was a joint decision. It wasn't an easy one, but it was the right one. An abortion should be a personal and informed choice. And every situation will be different." —Melinda

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