I had my first and only ever abortion at the age of 24...

"I had my first and only ever abortion at the age of 24, I was 8 weeks pregnant and opted for the surgical abortion. Currently I am in a wonderful relationship with a man I have been with for 5 years. Recently out of college, I just got out of a depression from being jobless for 3 months, the bills piled up.

The pregnancy was an unexpected surprise due to a one-night mistake of not using protection. We could barely support ourselves let alone a child. I broke down and cried the day I found out I was pregnant. It seem that if it could go wrong it did, the pregnancy only added on to the weight of me feeling like a jobless/worthless individual.

The days leading up to the abortion, I tumbled with the idea of keeping the child but all thoughts of me keeping it ended up with me unable to provide the type of loving home it would deserve. There is a lot that I want to do and complete before I have a child. I do not feel selfish about my choice, but I do feel sad. Being pro-choice I knew that if the time came I would be confident with choosing an abortion, but I know like many other women this is something we never want to do. In the end, with a heavy heart I have made the right decision for myself and my future. I am happy to have a supportive community and hope other women will be able to find the support, courage, and love they need." —Anne

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