I was 19 and in college...

"I was 19 and in college. My boyfriend and I were using birth control but it failed. There really wasn't any question.... I was not ready to be a parent and neither was he. More than 20 years later, now married (not to my college boyfriend) with two kids, sometimes I do think about my abortion. I have regrets associated with it.... and some grief. However, ultimately I don't regret my decision. I think it was the best decision given the circumstances, and sometimes you have to make a decision when all the choices have drawbacks. It's my choice and I can live with it. I'm very grateful that abortion was a safe and legal option for me, and I vote pro-choice and contribute to the pro-choice cause. Abortion is not always the right decision for everyone facing an unwanted pregnancy, but it's a private decision that each woman must make herself in consultation with her partner and doctor." —anonymous

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