At 18 I got involved with a boy...

“At 18 I got involved with a boy in my co-ed dorm. As the relationship got more intense, we decided to move in together at 19. Then he started getting verbally and physically abusive. We moved apart but he was emotionally dependent and I didn't know how to completely cut ties. It all creeps up on you, little by little until you can't tell what's normal, what's real, what to believe. Especially at 19. I knew I was pregnant and I knew I had to have an abortion. I had been raised Catholic and no one in my family believed in choice for women. I never wanted children, never felt that pull. Even more clearly, I knew I didn't want this sad, angry, abused and abusive man in my life linked to me by a child I didn't want. Deciding on having an abortion was the clearest moment in my life. I had no hesitation and I have no regrets. It was that clarity that helped me end that horrible relationship. I finished college and even got a Masters.” —Yvette

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