I am 24 years old and have just started an exciting career...

"I am 24 years old and have just started an exciting career in radio. I was just an intern, and having an 8-year-old son already, my finances are not looking good. I was celibate for just over a year when one lonely night I hooked up with a friend of mine. I took a morning after pill 2 days after and thought everything was fine. It was only until 3 weeks after that day that I noticed symptoms similar to my first pregnancy and I knew I was pregnant, no need to even take a test. I kept it to myself for a while and had immediately decided to have an abortion. The one problem I had was a lack of funds, since I was surviving as a single mother with an intern income, there was no way I would afford a private clinic procedure and didn't want to go through the ridicule that has been associated with public hospitals. I finally decided to tell a friend of mine and she was supportive, even offering to meet me half way financially. I have no regret towards my decision and I know it's a good decision for my career, my son and me. It is abortion day tomorrow and I can't wait to end this chapter of my life and start fresh." —anonymous

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