I've had three abortions in total...

"I've had three abortions in total. I don't regret having those abortions, because I didn't want a child with those guys. I never even told one of the guys I was pregnant. I just got an abortion and kept it moving. He already had five kids of his own- I definitely should have been on birth control with a baby maker like that. The other guy; well I was seventeen and he was cheating on his girlfriend with me. That speaks volumes on its own. My daughter's father; well we were already pawning things to buy baby food and pampers; what would I do with another baby? I have always been scared to get on welfare; and a couple of hundred dollars a month is not going to do it for me. I am 100% pro-choice and pray that I will always be that way." —Anonymous

#multipleabortions #unhealthyrelationship #financialinstability #prochoice #caringforotherchildren

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