I am 24 and about to follow through on my second abortion...

"I am 24 and about to follow through on my second abortion. Yes, it is saddening, I was always against abortion up until it actually became a choice I had to make. I had a healthy, loving upbringing and never suspected this turn of events. When I found out I was pregnant it was June after a visit home to see family and an occasional visit to see an ex fling/boyfriend. We had been dating on and off again for a long time (since high school) and prior to recently he was the only one I could imagine myself with. When I originally suspected I was pregnant I kept flipping back and forth, I knew I couldn't afford a baby at least not the way I would like to raise one. I had tender breasts, slight cramping, slight back pain, a constant headache and minimal bleeding. The boy was supportive, although I knew he truly wanted me to abort. He did not help pay for any of it and it seemed the bills came for months afterward. I found writing to be a nice release and yoga too. Abortion number 1 was successful and painless. I received the birth control but was not habitual about taking it and thus I am in situation number 2. I realize some people reading this will look negatively upon this, and I regret it too. However, it is the situation that I, alone, am in." —Anonymous

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