Just over a year ago, at 22...

"Just over a year ago, at 22 I had a medical abortion. I live in Canada and am so happy that I live in a progressive country that respects the right of a human to choose what they do or do not want to have happen to their body. I am so proud to be a Canadian. I had been living with my now common law husband for about 4 months and he is step-father to my then 3 year old son. We both knew that he did not want a child (due to reoccurring genetic health issues in his family that would likely be passed on to any children he would have.) Also, with our wages and the cost of a child we already had there was no way we could afford to add another member to our family, it was financially impossible. I could also not go through with adoption; I knew I would end up keeping the child instead of giving it up because well, I know myself! Also, I was working a very physically exhausting job and could not afford time off of work. So the option that made the best sense for our family was to end the pregnancy. At 7 weeks pregnant I travelled 3 hours to the 3rd closest hospital that does abortions (Other ones were booked up for a couple months and I felt that it was best to have the abortion before the 8th week where the embryo is then considered a fetus.) My boyfriend came with me and we waiting 4 hours, then they put me on a hospital bed and I proceeded to have a panic attack as they wheeled me into the room. The nurse was so kind as she comforted me and tried to humour me and held my hand. "In about 2 seconds you'll be on an island in Hawaii!" said the anesthesiologist as he injected the anesthetic to knock me out. I dreamt I was simply laying in my bed looking down at my feet! I later woke up in a bed, ate some food, and I got to go home. I had somewhat painful cramps and the next day I passed about 50 clots (which was NOT normal and I should have called the gyno, but everything turned out to be OK after that day.) I felt relieved. It was done and over with. Being pregnant for those 3 weeks I knew was harder than the one day of having the procedure completed. And I know I did the right thing - for me and for my family. I made a responsible choice that allowed me to continue to be an independent person and allowed our family to remain stable and stay out of poverty. Thank you Canada." —Jessie

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