I acknowledge that at the time, I NEEDED an abortion...

"I acknowledge that at the time, I NEEDED an abortion. I was in no way financially, physically, or emotionally fit to support a child. My partner was someone I didn’t plan to have a future with, and having worked in reproductive health care for some time, I thought nothing of my abortion. Looking back, I stand strongly by my decision. I have feelings that I didn't anticipate around my due date, but I acknowledge that I made the best choice for me, 1000 times over. I can't imagine having a baby right now, even though I know that could've been a route I chose to take my life. I am thankful for the people that said, "What about your 5 year plan? Actually… What about your 1 year plan?" because it changed my entire life... All for the better." —Katie

#notready #prochoice #confidence #gratitude

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