I had an abortion and it was the right decision...

"I had an abortion and it was the right decision! My husband and I have always practiced safe sex, from BC pills to condoms, but we do indulge each other quite a bit. It just comes with the relationship, let's face it, and that is absolutely fine! I did not miss a pill; pregnancy just happened. Like it does. I have no traumatic life story that comes with my abortion unless you include me hurling the three pregnancy tests at my patient husband who graciously picked them up, threw them out, and consoled me late into the night (with chocolate, nonetheless!). My husband and I simply did not want children. We still do not. I love that there are wonderful women out there that are amazing mothers or that want to become mothers someday, but that is simply not the life that we want to live. And please, we aren't going to stop being intimate with one another just because of the slim chance of pregnancy. I was five weeks along and I took the abortion pill. My experience was not painful or terrible by any means. I bled for four weeks, maybe a bit more. I was supplied with even more chocolate! I was able to go to a very supportive all-women clinic. It was just another average week with a few minor bumps here and there and I am personally very grateful that I had the option of abortion." —anonymous

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