I had sex with my best friend...

"I had sex with my best friend from college for the first time. We were both back in town for a mutual friend's wedding. We had been best friends for six years and after I few drinks and not having seen each other in a year, we had sex. One time. And it was great, but I couldn't remember if we used protection or not so I went to the pharmacy to get plan B in the morning and they told me they were out. So I went to the next pharmacy and success! I am not on birth control but I track my cycles and it looked as though I was in the clear zone but I figured we couldn't be too safe and took plan B anyway. Time passed. My period was one week late so I took a pregnancy test just to ease my thoughts. I just knew there was no way I was pregnant. Even if we hadn't used a condom I shouldn't have been ovulating the night we had sex and I took Plan B. I was wrong. The test was positive. I called my friend who was the father. He lives many states away from me. I'm in graduate school and he just started his career after finishing his masters. We are and always will be best fiends, but we had no intentions of parenting a child together. The decision wasn't easy, but we knew it was the right one. And he supported me as best he could from 1,000 miles away. No health reasons. Not necessarily because of money. But simply because neither of a wants a kid yet. And it's as simple as that." —anonymous

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