My abortion story is...

"My abortion story is not one I ever thought I'd have, but since I do I feel the need to share my experience as it was other women's stories that helped me through this time in my life.

I'll start by saying today I had a surgical abortion without sedation as I am not comfortable with the out of it, groggy feeling you experience from the mild sedation they offer. My husband and I have a 6 month old son, on July 31st I was laid off from my job. I worked from home for a company located on the opposite coast as their regional support manager. The situation was ideal as it allowed me the liberty of being home with my son while still having a career and bringing home a nice salary to help support our family. I was making a little more then double what my husband brings in.

Two days after I was laid off I found out I was pregnant, I was on the mini pill but had stopped breastfeeding. My next exam was in September and I planned to wait until then to switch birth control methods as my health insurance would not have covered the additional visit. The decision to have an abortion was extremely difficult for me and my husband. I don't know when I'll find another job, or whether the salary will be comparable to my previous salary. I also knew that the further along I got in my pregnancy the less likely the chance I would get hired. It was also safe to assume that I would not find another legitimate work from home opportunity and daycare costs would become a factor.

After a lot of serious discussions, and crying I decided I would have a medication abortion. I made the appointment, went to the clinic, went through all of the steps while crying, and decided that I would prefer the surgical method, so I had to reschedule. Today I went in for my surgical abortion, this time without tears. I was the most nervous about the sedation, after speaking with counselors and nurses I decided that I would be able to handle the procedure without sedation. The procedure was very quick, less than 5 minutes, it was painful, more like extreme discomfort with bad period cramps. There was a nurse and counselor on either side holding my hands, talking to me to help distract me.

I can say it was not unbearable, if I had the choice to go back and do it differently I would still choose no sedation. When I went to the recovery room there were two other girls who were done before me sitting their dazed and loopy from the sedation. I was given a hot water bottle, ginger ale and graham crackers. The cramping stopped after 5 minutes and I was able to get up and get dressed and leave.

Right now I feel fine, I'm sitting here playing with my son, something that may have been difficult had I been sedated, since my husband had to go to work. While this was not my ideal decision, I can say that I'm glad I had the option. I'm sure I'll have some emotions to deal with, as I had been very emotional up until today, for some reason I was very calm today, I do feel that we made the right decision." —anonymous

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