This past year I got pregnant by my boyfriend...

"This past year I got pregnant by my boyfriend at the time. He was always promising me things that I knew weren't true like how he wanted to have a family and get married. When I got pregnant he left and didn't want to help at all in making a decision. I felt so alone and scared. In my heart I loved the baby the moment I saw it on the ultrasound. I am still in high school and everyone around me was pressuring me towards an abortion. I had no money, or father for my baby. I was 12 weeks and 3 days exactly when i got my procedure. I remember everything perfectly even though it felt so unreal like a dream at the time. It took less then 5 minutes and it was over. After it i really didn't feel anything til later that night. I cried my eyes out and called my ex and told him that i had the procedure. He listened to me and was there for me but honestly i don't think he will ever feel the way i do about it. It definitely was one of the hardest things I've gone through emotionally and i will never forget my angel no matter what. I know i couldn't have had the baby. It wasn't the right time or the right guy but i always think about how things could have been different. Sometimes i feel like a bad person but i know I’m far from it. I really was peer pressured into my decision but I’m moving forward and enjoying the good things that came from my experience like becoming a stronger person and finishing school and working on my modeling career. I really hope whoever reads this it helps you in a way, make the decision that is best for you." —Chloe

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