I’m 25, living with my fiance and 2 year old...

"I’m 25, living with my fiance and 2 year old toddler. We found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago and decided right away to have an abortion. Financially, emotionally or mentally neither of us are ready for a second child. I had a horrible bedridden pregnancy the first time and a trying first year with our daughter. I had the procedure last Wednesday, I was 8 weeks along and already feeling the effects of all day sickness. I chose to be awake during the procedure with just ibuprofen and licodaine for my cervix. It felt immediately like bad cramps and I felt the pinch of the anesthesia being administered into my cervix. The vacuum was loud and I felt nauseous on the table. It lasted less than 5 minutes. Afterwards I felt like I couldn’t walk, the nurse had to give me a few minutes to get myself together and I was taken to recovery. I almost cried but I held it in. What I would be crying for I have no idea because I was adamant about going through with it. However, I felt relief that my nausea and sickness was gone almost immediately and my appetite was back. I stayed in recovery for about an hour. Went home and got some rest. I still have some cramps and minimal bleeding almost a week later. Emotionally I’m fine. Good luck to anyone else making a decision." —Anonymous

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