I’m 32 years old...

"I’m 32 years old. After being in a year and a half relationship with who I thought was the one, my boyfriend disagreed with my decision to abort. He threatened he would end the relationship if I didn't keep it, he verbally abused me and the day after the operation, called the cops and kicked me out. I was in the process of changing careers at the time and have no money or job presently. I had been given two days to move out, and in the past 3 weeks have lived at two friend's house and two family members house. It's very hard to move forward or know where to go next. I made the decision because I wasn't ready to be a mom and unsure of some outstanding relationship issues. It’s horrible to now feel guilt for he has made my life so miserable in the past three weeks that maybe it would have been better to go through with the pregnancy. What a mess this has been. My heart goes out to all of you. Being a woman can be pretty tough when you are with the wrong guy." —Anonymous

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