April 2009 my whole life changed...

"April 2009 my whole life changed. I was 17 in high school, living in a single parent household, being raised by my father and also my brother. Until that day, my life was normal for a teenage girl; hanging out with friends, the occasional party, homework etc. Then my life turned upside down when that one night, I made a mistake. I had a "one night stand", but the real catch here was, I USED protection! At least I thought we did, until that stick turned positive. That is when I knew the man I had been with that night lied about using protection. I took the precautions I was suppose to, how was I suppose to know he was lying to me? This was the second time I had sex, I didn't know what it was suppose to feel like, some people say there is a difference when it comes to using protection or not, that is false. When I realized my dad’s "princess" was having what could of been a "prince" or "princess" of her own, I had no idea what to do, who to tell, or where to turn to, I was so scared, and still to this day when I tell my story, my heart races and I get nervous all over again. After everyone was told, my initial thought was that I would keep the child, even though the father had no idea and probably would never know due to the fact he was in and out of rehab for drugs and alcohol, keeper right? Ha. But, luckily for me, my dad always was there to help and let me know of my options. I knew of Planned Parenthood and the amazing work and help they were doing then and continue to do now with people across the world, so I knew abortion was always an option for me. Just like going forward with having the child, or even adoption were options. However for me, adoption was out right away, I personally could not live knowing my child was out there being raised by someone other than me. For the first month I started buying gender neutral clothes, toys, and even necessities, I even went and had ultra sounds, and checkups done, the normal. I got to see my little baby inside of me, and even in the ultra sound it kicked! It was amazing, and beautiful. But as time went on I realized I couldn't do this alone. My dad said, no matter what he was there and would do all he could to help and take care of us, but I knew it would be extremely hard. He had two kids in college, a family to take care, himself to take care of. I couldn't make him be responsible for something I did, it just wasn’t the right thing. After a long, hard, emotional talk and thought process, I decided it would be best for not only me, but the fetus inside of me to terminate the pregnancy. I couldn't take care of myself let alone bring a new life into this world. When you have children its natural to always want better for them than what you had, or to create a life you always wanted for them and I knew I couldn't do that. That is when I made MY FINAL CHOICE to have the abortion. June 2009 I went to Planned Parenthood and had the procedure done. Yeah, at first, you hate yourself or constantly just have emotions and thoughts running through your head, its part of the healing process, part of PTSD. But with the support of my dad and brother, I knew I made the right choice. And today, not only am I an advocate for Planned Parenthood but also for reproductive rights and justice. I would not be where I am today if I wouldn't have made the choice I made back then. I wouldn't have been able to get my associates, go on to receive my bachelors and eventually work my way towards a masters. I would not be the extremely strong, independent woman I am today, I am the woman I am today because of what I had to go through back then. Women's rights now to me are not only an important topic, but now it is my passion. Women, girls, everyone needs to know they have options, and whatever they choose, they are NOT a horrible person for choosing that. If more people realized abortion isn't the horror story everyone thinks it is, and the young girls or women who go through with having an abortion aren't "baby killers" or "murderers", etc. Which were the main two things I myself, were associated with throughout my community when the news got out about my abortion being done. The word needs to be spread, that it is okay if you have an abortion. You are a woman, a human being in this world and you have rights. This is YOUR body, YOUR emotions, and YOUR future, YOU are the ONLY one to decide what happens in it and where YOU will go. I can honestly say, abortion was one of the best choices I ever made." —Lauren Skapes

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