I had an abortion two years ago...

"I had an abortion two years ago which would make me 20 years old. i had an extremely violent boyfriend who wouldnt let me leave the house well after a certain amount of time. i started getting really sick throwing up all the time couldnt eat but i still had what i thought was a period so i didnt look into it until my friend suggested i take a test and sure enough i was pregnant and i knew right away what i wanted to do. i could never of had that baby. i hated him so much so i had the abortion at 10 weeks 4 days pregnant. i believe i did the right thing but i hid it from everyone. no one knows but that one friend my mom would hate me shes against abortion but it feels good to get it all out." —Kay


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content warning: rape, sexual abuse, suicide attempts, self harm "I am a Texan. I am a daughter, aunt, niece, wife and most importantly mother. I am a Texan mom. I am a Caucasian white female who was