I had an abortion two years ago...

"I had an abortion two years ago which would make me 20 years old. i had an extremely violent boyfriend who wouldnt let me leave the house well after a certain amount of time. i started getting really sick throwing up all the time couldnt eat but i still had what i thought was a period so i didnt look into it until my friend suggested i take a test and sure enough i was pregnant and i knew right away what i wanted to do. i could never of had that baby. i hated him so much so i had the abortion at 10 weeks 4 days pregnant. i believe i did the right thing but i hid it from everyone. no one knows but that one friend my mom would hate me shes against abortion but it feels good to get it all out." —Kay


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When I had my abortion I was only 18...

"When I had my abortion I was only 18. I originally didn’t want to have it, but after I was told by the dad that he didn’t want anything to do with me or the baby I knew it would be a bad idea to have

I got an NHS medical abortion in May 2019...

“I got an NHS medical abortion in May 2019. I am 22 years old and in a very happy and loving 5-year relationship. We have always spoken about having children and are very excited about one day having

There is still some secret shame...

"There is still some secret shame that lingers inside, coming from a religious home, coming from a Bangladeshi home. I'm 23 now. I had grown up thinking being a mother was all that a woman could be. T

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