I was 18 and already had a baby...

"I was 18 and already had a baby when I found out I was pregnant yet again. I was terribly upset and didn't know what to do. I didn't think I could cope with having another baby. I had made up my mind and decided I wanted an abortion. I told my boyfriend and he supported me, I decided to tell my sister and two cousins, my cousins helped me out a lot which was a big help.

Me and one of my cousins and my son caught a bus up to auckland, we went to the hospital to get consent from the two doctors, the next day was the procedure and I was real nervous I had to go talk to the nurse who was really nice she gave me a pill to take and asked me to go wait in one of the cubicles till the doctor came to get me. I then went into the operating room, hopped up on the bed and was then given anthestic.

I woke up 40min later in the recovery room, I felt ok just a bit tired, we then went back to our accommodation. Two days after my abortion my breasts filled with milk and started leaking because i was 15weeks pregnant, I sometimes regret it when I see newborns but I then realise it was the best decision." —Kayla

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