What I want to say about my abortions is this...

"What I want to say about my abortions is this: I am glad I had them. That sentiment is 5 years in the making. I had two abortions in 6 months; it wasn't easy and at the time I had my doubts. But with the gift of hindsight I can say, with complete clarity, that having children would have been a huge mistake. My boyfriend at the time was not a good partner to me. He's not in my life anymore, and I am thankful for that, and aware that it wouldn't be possible if we'd had children together. I moved away from the town I was living in, where there were no jobs. If I'd had children I would be stuck in a town I didn't want to live in making sub-poverty wages. Most importantly in my mind is, I know now that I do not want children, which I wasn't sure about at the time. Getting to that realization without having kids is such a blessing. I know that there are people out there who would call my relief selfish. To them I say: I am not a baby making machine. I am not a joyous creator of life goddess-thing. I am a human being and my life belongs to me, not to children that never were, politicians who think it is their business, religious people who think all souls are in their care. Your ire and judgment do not change that I made the most mature decision possible. Without children I am free and sane, and I value that more than I value your opinions." —Kim

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