I am a nineteen year old college student...

"I am a nineteen year old college student. Two months ago I was suddenly unable to eat anything without feeling nauseous; I couldn't do any task without becoming exhausted. I finally took a pregnancy test that was positive. I just knew. From the time I found out what abortion was, I always knew I would have one if I got pregnant before I was ready; so it was no question. But as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I just cried. I was overwhelmed, my body didn't belong to me anymore, I felt out of control.

My appointment at planned parenthood gave me such relief. I told everyone in my life very matter-of-factly about my upcoming procedure and I felt powerful, ready, and in control, and I still do. My abortion saved my life. No not in a literal way, but had I not done this, my life would have changed for the worse. I would have a baby and no college degree and over fifty thousand dollars in student loans. It came down to my life or the existence of this parasite and I chose mine.

Someone once told me that this time of my life is my time to be selfish and at first I thought I was making a selfish decision but I realized that it was selfish not to. My abortion was the best choice that I have ever made. I didn't have any regret or fear or anger. It made me feel powerful, like I was in control of my own life. Abortion allows women to live by their own terms. Because of my abortion I will be educated, I will make contributions that I could only dream of as a young, single mother. In the words of Molly Crabapple, I had an abortion. I am not sorry. I am not afraid." —Amy Johnson

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