My husband and I have been married for 10 years...

"My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have 2 children, ages 6 and 4. After my first pregnancy, I was involved in a brutal car accident that fractured vertebrae and ruptured disks in my back. After undergoing therapy for months, we found ourselves expecting our second child. We postponed corrective surgery on my spine until after the pregnancy, accepting that carrying to term could cause even more damage to my spine. After a safe delivery and 1 year of breastfeeding, I had my spine fixed, 3 disks fused and a metal support grid implanted and bolted to my spine. I was explicitly told that my back could not withstand another pregnancy, so my husband underwent a vasectomy. However, 3 years later, I found out I was pregnant during a doctor appointment about significantly increased pain in my back. The hormone that cause your ligaments to relax during pregnancy was wreaking havoc on my implants.

The doctor sat down and explained my options. I did not want to be wheelchair bound. So we planned out a medical abortion. I was 61 days pregnant when I took the first pill. Being almost to the 63 day mark meant the whole experience might be a little worse, combined with my anemia. This is what happened: I took the first pill at 10am on a Saturday, and was sent home with antibiotics, painkillers, and instructions. I did not feel nausea or anything. About noon on Sunday, I took the other 4 pills and laid down to read a book. The first cramps started about 4pm. At about 7:30pm I felt a significant pull in my uterus, then the first of the bleeding started. When I went to the toilet, I was passing lemon sized blood clots, and there was a steady stream of blood into the toilet. I started to feel dizzy, could hear a roaring in my ears, then my vision went black and I woke up on the floor. My husband helped me to the bed and put a folded up towel between my legs. About once an hour I would feel a tremendous cramp worse then the rest accompanied by a gushing of blood into the towel then a loss of consciousness for a few mins. This lasted until 7am the next morning. During the night, I drank about 8 bottles of gatorade and kept a steady intake of iron supplements and iron rich foods. By 9am, the bleeding was down to the equivalent of a bad period, and lasted for almost 3 weeks. I was very weak for the 2 days following the weekend, and received a blood transfusion (arranged ahead of time) to combat the blood loss and help regulate the anemia.

I have had no regrets about my decision, nor do I feel depressed. We were being responsible adults and just got thrown a kink by nature. One of his vas deferens had partially re-attached itself, allowing for a minuscule amount of sperm to join the semen. This was corrected before I took the medicine.

Looking back on the experience, I know it was made worse only because of my anemia, but we were prepared for that. I would rather be able to run around and actively participate with the 2 children I have then be confined to a wheelchair, watching my 3 children live their lives."


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