I was 29, self medicating with alcohol...

"I was 29, self medicating with alcohol, and had a one night stand, that I bitterly regret to this day. He wasn't even my type, he disgusted me! It was a nightmare when I became pregnant. I had an abortion, and it was the best thing for me.

To all you anti choicers: I know you have abortions also. How dare you after you have tried to take away the right from us, and after your murdering and terrorizing of clinics.

To all you "I'm prochoice but" people: the second you say but in a sentence, you negate everything. I don't give a rip if: a woman is drunk, sleeping with multiple men, doesn't use birth control, and this is her 10th abortion. Oh and "my tax dollars have paid for it?" I DON'T CARE. It is her body that will be a life support system for a fetus she may not want or be ready for. And really: do you want someone like me who never wanted children, who suffered from depression, who worked at a horrible job to have an unwanted, indeed hated baby by a man I hated and regretted sleeping with? Get real. And adoption? No way. My family would never forgive me, plus the fact that as liberal as we all are, we do not have children in my family without being married." —Sharon

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