I just recently got an abortion...

"I just recently got an abortion on my birthday, July 14th. I made this decision based on numerous things. I had two failed pregnancies before and wasn't ready for a third. I have a very loving boyfriend, who supported me in whichever decision I made. When the day came, I had to go alone. It was a very eerie feeling. It was almost like a regular doctors appointment. I was ok up until I received my ultrasound and the tears came. There was a volunteer there to hold my hand, she helped me through that ordeal. It was very quick but painful. A week later, I was rushed to the hospital because I was in an extreme amount of pain. Even though it wasn't directly linked to the abortion, I knew then I would never do that to myself again. At the time is was the right thing to do. I just have to be more careful from here on out. To all the ladies that are considering abortion, if you feel it's the right decision, do it. If you have any doubts or you're unsure, don't because it could be emotionally scarring. Be safe ladies, be careful, be smart, things can only get better." —Alicia


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