I had been dating this amazing guy...

"I had been dating this amazing guy for about 3 months. Sexually, we had been careful. I had been on birth control for years, and never imagined anything could happen...until I went in for my annual check up with my gyno. She called me an hour after I left her office. I thought this was odd, and became concerned that something was wrong. I answered the phone and she told me something I never thought was possible. "Sweetie, you're pregnant." What happened next can only be described as shock. She asked me if I knew what I wanted to do, and I just started sobbing uncontrollably. I was driving to my boyfriend's house, and had to pull to the side of the road. I told her I would call her as soon as I had made a decision. I called my boyfriend and couldn't keep myself from blurting it out. "Baby, I'm pregnant." He told me to get to his place as soon as possible, and I did. We spent hours over the next several days discussing our options. Neither one of us could financially support a child, not to mention the fact that we had been dating a very short amount of time. I have always wanted kids, and he has not, but that didn't matter. We loved each other, but we weren't ready to love a child, not to mention the fact that we would have become parents dependent on welfare. I called my doctor to tell her what she decided. I couldn't believe how much she tried to change my decision. She continually told me to call adoption hotlines, to consider my options...she wouldn't take no for an answer. Not only was I making the hardest decision of my life, but she was making it more difficult for me. I had to yell to get her to stop. "Listen, I have made my decision after countless tears and going back and forth a thousand times. This is what is best for me. Stop trying to convince me otherwise." She promptly gave me a referral. The day came about three weeks later, and I was anxious. My boyfriend and I had been up crying most of the previous night. I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant. I started crying, and cried through most of the procedure. My boyfriend was right there with me the whole time, and was nothing but supportive. On our way back to his apartment, he asked "How do you feel?" The only word I could muster was "relieved." It wasn't an easy choice, but I know it was the right one. I was finishing up graduate school, and just about to start my life. I won't ever say that I don't want children, or that my choice was right for everyone. What I will say is that it was the right choice for me, and I have not regretted it once in the 3 months that have passed. I will have children one day, but it will be on my terms, by my choice." —Kristie

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