I found out I was five and a half weeks pregnant...

"I found out I was five and a half weeks pregnant back in April of 2010 and I remember that I was in shock. I have bi-polar disorder with schizophrenic tendencies and knew I wouldn't be fit to be a mother at the time because I was unmedicated. My boyfriend and I knew what we wanted to do but I was so nervous.

I grew up as an Evangelical and I felt guilty for thinking of ending a "life" but I couldn't help but think "what if I give it a life and then refuse to take care of it?" I grew up neglected and unwanted. I couldn't do that to my child. I looked up all the information I could and finally made the appointment to have my abortion.

The procedure took less than half an hour and it all felt surreal. Finally, when I was home I cried. I was so happy that I didn't have to worry about taking care of a little baby. I had my abortion at six and a half weeks and every day since I have felt nothing but strength, peace, and courage. I know now, two years later, that I made the right choice, not only for me but for my future family. Abortion saved my life." —Michelle

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