I had an abortion two months ago...

"I had an abortion two months ago. The reason why I had an abortion was because my ex told me he wasn't ready to have a child yet. At the moment he told me that, I told myself that I didn't want to have a child with someone that doesn't want it.

Also, we were arguing a lot and I always told myself that I never wanted to be a single mother. I grew up without a father and I wish I had one. I did not want that to happen to my child, too. Now that I look at it, I feel so guilty.

I have been crying almost everyday, even now. I never thought my ex boyfriend would be able to take me and see the abortion procedure. After the abortion, I felt like I hated him because he didn't stop me from having the abortion. Two weeks ago, I broke it off with him and he moved out of my place. I couldn't be with him anymore. Now I feel alone, betrayed, and guilty." —Yvette

#regret #sadness

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