I was already the mother of 2...

"I was already the mother of 2 children. Both of whom I knew I was already on my own with for 2 separate reasons. I met a guy who claimed to be single and to only have one older child. After a short time, I found out I was pregnant. He had more children than he said he did, he was married, and his wife was pregnant. I talked with friends about this and they suggested an abortion. I was always pro-choice but never thought I would ever have an abortion. After thoroughly thinking about everything, I called Preterm and made an appointment. I had 3 appointments all together. The first went smoothly. The second I was very nervous, that's when I got the pill for the medical abortion. The third was the check up, to make sure everything went ok. It did, just as expected. I was about 7 weeks. It was physically painful. I felt better within 3 days or so. However, I encountered protesters on visits 2 and 3. Visit 2, they tried to block the drive and yelled at me the whole way in, but were gone when I came out. Visit 3, the guy called me 1 too many names while I waited for someone to back out so I could pull in. I ended up giving that one a piece of my mind. I do not regret my decision. I am married now, have 3 children and 1 on the way. My current pregnancy and baby were planned. I know more every day that having 3 on my own with no family support or child support would have been no way to live. I did what I needed to do at the time. I also had ignorant people who ended up finding out what happened try to broadcast my business on a social networking site and in a public place. Thankfully no one paid attention to that person, or joined her to judge me, and my kids who were with me didn't catch on to what was being said. I will tell them one day only if I need to, to provide support or let them know it is ok. I know many people who have had abortions, and their support helped me make my decision. I am thankful for the support I had, and for the few who stayed right by my side to make sure I was ok. I hope my story can help someone else. Never worry about what people who will never have to walk in your shoes think about it. There are plenty who have had to walk in your shoes who accept you and your decisions. That's all that matters!" —Anonymous

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